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I am a perfectionist Maxis-Match-er and this is the place where I dump all my Sims 2 stuff. Downloads will always be public, but don't be afraid to friend me.
You can find my older downloads hereI also have a simblr! You can find it here.
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All my lots require all Expansion Packs + Mansion & Garden.

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Bits 'n Bobs

Bits! Bobs! Together for the first time! Just for you! In bold colors! HUZZAH! By the way, it's time for you to know that I have a chair problem. I love chairs. I don't know why. I also realized that pretty much all of the Maxis chairs need some kind of treatment to fit into my headache-generating game. I only did the Simple Sit and the Cowboy-something ones for now. I also recolored a Maxis wallpaper called Leaf It To Me, or something like that. I only did a few colors for each item because... I don't know, I don't need more for now. I used my California Colors, even though I slightly changed Sea and Flamingo and added 2 extra colors, Strawberry (a light pink) and Lemon (a bright yellow). I forgot to add some swatches, but the files have descriptive names.

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Barbie's Eyes (Part 1)

GUYS. Insomnia is not that bad. Sometimes I can't sleep and I get myself into things that I never thought I could do. Like eyes. That's right! POW! POW! BANG! I made eyes! They're really, and I mean really, plain. Boring. I actually made them to match my game, but hey, maybe they match yours, as well? I used Sahra's sclera as a base and then "handpainted" the rest. I'm really happy with the result, even though it's nothing really original. Just simple eyes with one catchlight. I like them! And I hope they're useful for someone else, too. Expect some supernaturals soon (alien, werewolf, vampire, zombie, plantsim, maybe genie).

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Krampft Industries Reloaded (Part 1)!

HEY HO! Am I dead? Not really. Alive and kicking and procrastinating here and there. Sorry about that mini-advent-epic-fail-thing, I had to focus on other things for a bit. BUT! I've been around and I've been making little things. I felt the sudden urge to recolor every single Maxis mesh I use in my game. I don't know, I can't play unless everything is perfect, and I want to make my own game look perfect to me, which means that I want to make my own stuff & keep on trying until everything is... perfect. It will never be perfect and by the way you're mental, you say. YUP! I know. I'm also aware that it's gonna take me forever, but I'm not giving up. I have this neighborhood on my mind, one of those 50s ads ideal suburbs where everything is colorful and bright. Simple. Tacky. A mix of all that. A name like... Linda Vista. Palms. Swimming pools in the backyard... It's my new year sim resolution.
I hope everyone is doing well. 

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Grocery Ads in Simlish Part 1

O hai, I like to make stuff and share it! Oh yes, there's fluffiness in the air, aka it's holiday season. I'm not a big fan of Christmas, but I do enjoy the atmosphere (and the food! and the lights in the streets!). Sooo I decided to start a mini Advent Calender, mainly because I just realized it's Dec 1st & I have some stuff I'd like to share. By mini I mean I won't be posting something every day, because... I simply don't have enough stuff/time. My first Advent Gift is a set of 6 recolors of the Civic Idol poster (I think it comes with the base game?), 'cause I definitely needed some food/grocery ads in my game. Seriously, I've been wanting to make these forever. Part 1 because I plan on doing more but I had to stop because I'm made of fail & managed to screw up the .psd I was using. 

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The Ranch

Wait, am I really uploading a house again? Really? Yes, I am! After all this time! As I said on tumblr, it's a kind of "thank you gift", since I just realized I have 165 followers on tumblr and 288 friends on LJ. Crazy! Well, if you thought I would bake a huge heart-shaped cake for every single one of you and ship them around the world... you're wrong! Sorry about that, still working on it. I made you a house instead. It's my second attempt at an ranch house. I'm obsessed with popular house styles and I found this one while I was looking for inspiration for my 50s project. Now, many of you probably live in an actual ranch and will be like "hey, wait, how about no". I know, it's not 100% accurate and it never will, but being "historically correct" is not my point. I just like to recreate some styles, adapting them to the game and to the way I play. So, uh, thank you gift. Nothing special, really.

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BG "Washroom" Tiles in Primary Colors

Yes! In my opinion, they're the only Maxis tiles that look like... tiles? They're the ones that come in white with that blue/grey border on top (Basegame?). I was in a recoloring spree today, and I got the sudden urge to remove the border from those walls and recolor them in primary colors. Which are red/blue/yellow in my head - I know that might not be really correct, but whatever. I needed at least 3 really annoying colors® for my really tacky® game, so yeah. I thought I'd start sharing the shitload of stuff I've been making lately. So, have 3 walls. In annoying colors. And an annoying gif that will make you hate your friends page and eventually de-friend me. HAH!

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